Happy "Niu" Year! New Gifts for Children!

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Winter is coming; the cold temperature and slippery road make you to put your motorcycle aside and stay indoors, waiting for the warm spring to come back.

How to pass through these boring days without your lovely motorbike? Come and try the snowmobile outdoors, it can let you to release your passion on the snow and enjoy a different winter under a more safety way!

The snowmobile, a vehicle specially for driving on the snow or ice surface as it’s called. Different from the traditional motorcycles, snowmobile uses the rubber track in the driving system instead of wheels. At the beginning, snowmobile mainly used for the patrol and rescue on the wild snow place. With the diversification of people's entertainment activities, snowmobile driving has gradually become a new kind of winter sports, and there are many snowmobile race been held year by year.

At overseas, the snowmobiling is very popular, especially in Canada, North America, Russia and North Europe. The top four world famous snowmobile manufactures are BRP (Canada), Polaris (USA), Arctic- Cat (USA) and YAMAHA (Japanese). But in China, most of the snowmobile market is occupied by a domestic brand these years, which is Chongqing WOIDEAL Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. from Chongqing, China.

WOIDEAL involved in snowmobile industry from year 2012, when the Chinese snowmobile manufacturing is just start. Relying on the solid background of military industry supplying system of motorcycle, WOIDEAL has launched 125cc, 150cc, 180cc and 300cc series products under independent R&D. Especially for the model WD300, It integrates automotive technology, and its comprehensive performance has reached the international mainstream level at the same level. It is one of the preferred models for China senior players, as well as the vehicle for China middle and advanced class snowmobile racing events. With WD300, WOIDEAL has broken the situation that the middle and high class snowmobile been monopolized by foreign brands.

WOIDEAL was mainly focus on the overseas market such as Russia, Canada, and North Europe in the beginning, with stable quality and good cost performance, WOIDEAL snowmobile products won the recognition of the foreign customers in a short time. People gradually know there is a Chinese manufacturer called WOIDEAL who can produce good small displacement snowmobile beside the international famous brands. After that, WOIDEAL entered the domestic market at the same time. With the experience of overseas market, WOIDEAL has been a leading brand of China snowmobile for many years.

On January 1st, WOIDEAL holds a ceremony in Nan Tian Lake International Ski Field at Fengdu, Chongqing, China, to launch the Chinese first professional children’s snowmobile—“WONDER”(WD160).

Under the witness of municipal leaders as follows: Mr. Wang Ping (Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jiulongpo District Committee and head of the United Front Work Department.), Mr. Dong Haishan (Director of Public Sports office of Chongqing Sports Bureau.), Mr. Tan Yunzhao (Secretary of the Party Committee of Fengdu Committee of Culture and Tourism Development.), Mr. Shi Zehua (Former Chief of Supervision Bureau, National Sports Bureau. Chairman Of China Fishing Sports Association.), Mr. Liao Linqing (Vice president of Chongqing University of Technology.), Mr. Li Wei (President of Chongqing automobile and motorcycle chamber of Commerce.), Mr. Chu Qiang (President of automobile and motorcycle trade association.), Mr. Zou Zhengwei (President of Engine Research Institute of Chongqing Loncin group), and other industry guests and representatives of dealers, “WONDER” is officially launched to the market!

With the arrival of “WONDER”, WOIDEAL has completed the product layout of 125~300cc, small, medium and big displacement snowmobile series, further enhancing the competitiveness of WOIDEAL in the snowmobile industry at home and abroad.

Mr. Zhang Xiangdong (The founder and executive director of Chongqing WOIDEAL Special Vehicle Co., Ltd.) said ”From the day of its birth, WOIDEAL has gathered the technical and management experience of state-owned ordnance industry, as well as the architecture and flexibility of private enterprises. From only doing export market at the beginning, to considering both export and domestic market in recent years, especially in year of 2020, WOIDEAL increases the investment on domestic promotion. This is not only a subjective action, but also an objective combination of the "internal circulation + external circulation" economy oriented policy advocated by the party and the state.”

WOIDEAL has gone through hardships since the establishment of the brand and products, but WOIDEAL people have been persisting and developing all the time. The birth and launch of each new product condenses the painstaking efforts of WOIDEAL people and all the friends who care and support WOIDEAL. Now, the official launching of "WONDER" is a small node of WOIDEAL’s product development in recent years, and also the starting point of more new products launching in the future. The sudden changes of whole auto and motorcycle industry happened in 2020 because of the COVID-19 epidemic, WOIDEAL concentrate on snowmobile and industriously engages in unostentatious hard work, accumulate its strength and waiting for the market booming again. In 2021, WOIDEAL people will uphold the “WOIDEAL's Craftsmanship Creates Excellence!” corporate philosophy, continue to bring forth new products and make a little contribution to the industry, local economy and even the reputation of the name “Made in China”.

Speech by Mr. Wang Ping, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jiulongpo District Committee and head of the United Front Work Department.

Presentation of the first professional children’s snowmobile “WONDER” in China by Mr. Yan Qi, the General Manager of Chongqing WOIDEAL Special Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Mr. Zhou Xiang'an (The left one), former Minister of Development Department of Chongqing Jianshe Group, senior engineer of researcher level, and recipient of special government allowance of the State Council, is a national treasure senior in motorcycle industry. Almost all snowmobile products of WOIDEAL have been launched under his leadership in recent years.

As the first professional children's snowmobile in China, “WONDER” has made great efforts in safety protection, portability and comfort. On the premise of ensuring safety as far as possible, “WONDER” can reduce the difficulty of children’s snowmobile driving and bring more fun at the same time.

In terms of safety, “WONDER” is designed with safety rope, which can prevent secondary injury to driver caused by vehicles after driver falling down from the vehicle. The maximum speed of “WONDER” is limited to 12 km/h. In terms of portability and comfort, “WONDER” adopts aluminum alloy frame, with a servicing weight of only 80kg. Through high and low seats position and adjustable rear suspension system, “WONDER” can adapt to the driving of children with different heights.

Compared with two wheeled motorcycles, snowmobiles are more easily to attract children's interest. Snowmobiles are less difficult to drive, more stable, relatively safer, and more acceptable to parents. After the release of “WONDER”, the guests also brought their children to have a trial driving of “WONDER”. Because its safe and easy to operation, the children enjoy the driving a lot, and the guests are satisfy with the performance of “WONDER”, too.

Learn driving motorcycle should start from childhood, same the learning of driving snowmobile. The launching of the first professional children's snowmobile in China by WOIDEAL this time, successfully open the door of Chinese children's snowmobiling activities. Play a positive and important role to the healthy development of the China snowmobiling industry.

It is strongly recommended you taking your children to go to the ski resort to experience the fun of snowmobiling. For children, it is not only a new experience, but also a unique parent-child time. If you do not have children yet, you also can go and try WOIDEAL adult snowmobile. The winter can prevent you to enjoy the motorcycling, but can’t stop you to enjoy the snowmobiling. Driving snowmobiles can also give you a unforgettable experience!