A must-see event: the 2017

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A must-see event: the 2017 international winter sports (Beijing) expo

The 2017 international winter sports (Beijing) exposition will be held at the national convention center in Beijing from September 7 to 10, one of the world's largest and most authoritative ice and snow sports exhibitions.

Winter sports (Beijing) international fair is the world's largest and most authoritative industry exhibition, one of the ice and snow began annually held in Beijing in 2016, designed to respond to the CPC central committee under the state council on pushing through ice and snow industry, promote the development of China's ice and snow sports in an all-round way.With the theme of "opening the future", the first winter expo in 2016 has attracted more than 200 exhibitors from home and abroad, more than 9,000 channel dealers and 100,000 live audience.It shows the latest achievements of the snow and ice industry at home and abroad, and helps the Beijing 2022 winter Olympic Games to promote the development of China's ice industry.On the basis of the first winter exposition of good, the winter of 2017 expo with the road of "leading" as the theme, with education, winter ice and snow sports equipment, ice and snow venue management operation mode innovation as the breakthrough point, through nine more than 20 large exhibition area and field BBS, explore international ice and snow industry mode of scientific development, the road to lead the development of China's winter sports.

International data group vice President of Asia Xu Zhou said, the winter of 2017 expo will through the national area, winter tour destination, site construction and facilities, personal clothing and equipment, the Internet and interactive experience +, ice and snow sports and culture area, and so on six big plate teenagers ice and snow sports popularization BBS, winter sports science and technology innovation and Internet + ice BBS, BBS activities and supporting activities, display the industry forefront, ice and snow of winter sports industry resources,cometure the information, trade, science and technology, the interaction between culture, investment,  promote industrial scale expansion and development.

come back to  2016 winter sports (Beijing) international exposition, gathered a lot of government and the international big cafe, Beijing winter Olympic organizing committee, the world curling federation chairman and many members of the international Olympic committee are present;The scale is unprecedented;Last October, the first winter fair was held at the national convention center in Beijing, attracting 208 Chinese and foreign companies to participate in the exhibition, attracting more than 100,000 visitors.

In 2017, it is more abundant than the scale and expansion of 2016, so let me show you the following:

The exhibition is divided into: winter sports equipment, winter tourism destination, and national group, mountain areas and technology, the Olympic theme exhibition, dry winter snow , ice and snow, ice and snow sports and culture into the campus, Internet + sports venues and facilities, true ice show.

4 activities:

This is a professional snow and ice project exhibition, this is a global ice and snow project exhibition.

With the development of The Times, people's living standards have been improved, and leisure and entertainment projects have gradually become more popular. In summer, they go to the garden to enjoy flowers and harvest, and go skiing and skating in mountain glaciers in winter.More the 2022 winter Olympics start of the project, chongqing wanqiang fortune followed the pace of the development of The Times and countries, was started in 2012 at the age of snowmobile, independent research and development has been 6 years of history, to broaden the enterprise development route, founded the chongqing woideal special cars co., LTD., specializing in special vehicle, snowmobile research and development, manufacture, sales and service work, is also the only domestic professional snowmobile r&d team.

In the past six years, we have built the woideal brand snowmobile with professional team and professional technology, making it the first brand of domestic snowmobile.

Technical team for developing the first generation product in 2012, led by Mr. Zhou Xiangan subsidies for national technical engineers went to Europe to study, in the second half of 2012 successfully developed the first generation of WD125CC/WD150CC single rocker arm products;

The product has been well received by dealers, snowfield and snow sports fans with high cost performance and super stable performance.

The first generation of products, WD125, is also known as star products. It was recorded in the TV series "peaceful province times" starring yaodi in badaling, Beijing.

The second generation of WD150 double rocker arm was developed in 2013, and it was officially listed in 2014. With super power and excellent control performance, it was unanimously approved by ice and snow sports fans.

The second generation of products also became star products, taking part in a variety show "where are we going, dad?", which was recorded by Jackie chan himself.

The third generation of products WD200 will appear in the Beijing winter expo, welcome to the global dealers, snow field, ice and snow lovers to visit .

here small make up also revealed to you a message, WD300 at this year's milan show, this is a world-class platform,  then take you go abroad, by the way, take you appreciate me milan exhibition beauty oh ~ ~ ~ ~