Snow land Knight

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"Snow land Knight" Woideal snowmobile test experience tour-- north of the snow village. Snow, for the northerners is a complex, the charm of snow, snow passion, and even the business opportunity of snow is deeply embedded in the northern land, precipitated the inherent snow culture.Snow, for the south is a kind of knot, in the snow chase, into the embrace of snow became a dream. Chongqing wanqiang with passion and dream.With the latest design of its "woideali" brand, woideal 200CC snowmobile, woideal 300CC snowmobile, Came to wulanbutong, develop its vast business opportunities, and to build the first snowmobile brand in the country dream to come to the north of the snow village! Wulanmutong is located in the southwest of Hexigten Banner, Chifeng city, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, was the qing dynasty royal mulan paddock area, Wulanmutong  is Mongolian, the meaning of Chinese is red mountain, and the altar of real refers to the large and small red shan, is part of the mulan paddock. wanqiang executive director Mr jiang-hu Long, woideal company director Mr Xiang-dong Zhang and company executives came to the beautiful WuLanButong - Bombardier with snow and ice camp experience, this experience is also woideal snowmobile trial base camp. Today's is an era of experience, and consumers have a stronger voice.The success of a product depends on the user.When your product meets the needs of the user, the journey between you and the user really begins.Chongqing wanqiang knows this, and there is only one purpose is "test-ride experience" in the city. In this time of the Internet, the user experience is becoming more and more important, and the user buys your product, not the end of the transaction with you.On the contrary, when the user picked up your product, use your product, the user experience journey begins, and the user experience trip if is happy, will directly affect your reputation, affect your sales.This is why chongqing wanqiang attaches great importance to product experience! Since the first snowmobile motorcycle in 2013, woideal snowmobile has been favored by dealers and consumers everywhere.The "woideal snowmobile trial experience center" integrates brand experience, product marketing, and snow and ice lovers' party.The organic combination of brand activities will enable the ice lovers to fully experience the good experience brought by woideal snowmobile, which greatly promotes the smooth development of product marketing experience. In the future we will continue to open, allowing more users to zero distance feeling woideal show the superior performance of snowmobiles and considerate service, in order to further deepen the consumer understanding of woideal products and services.Let you swim in the snow and feel the joy of the snow.